Yes He Liked It So He Went And Put A Ring On It: Megan And Dan Channel Beyonce

I have known Daniel since high school. He and his fiance’ Megan are part of a large network of friends that we all move in and out of. We have had lots of fun times together over the years, I’ve shot weddings for their friends, we’ve all grown up together, and now they’ve come to me to shoot their wedding as well. We’ve talked in detail about all of their plans and I am beyond excited.


Megan and Daniel are having a Beyonce-inspired “He Put A Ring On It” engagement party, and so we collaborated on a really fun photo shoot to mimic the imagery from the “Single Ladies” music video.


I used dramatic, directional lighting to give the highlights and deep shadows that were seen in the video. The couple dressed in all black and Megan wore her “Feyonce” shirt. (A play on Beyonce’s name and the word “fiance.”) I tried to pose her in ways that mimicked the dance moves in the video as well, and these were processed in black and white, as was the video.


These images will be used for the engagement party invitations and put on display at the party. I think the theme of the session comes across perfectly, and these two look like stars!

MEGAN_HOWE_DANIEL_FACER_ENGAGEMENT_MARCH_2015 (10)Of course, the invitations were designed by yours truly!



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