A Horse Of A Different Color: Birthday Party At The Ranch

Brooklynn is a city kid with an even bigger city name but she had her eyes on a country birthday party! Enter Earthquake Arabians for a horseback riding party!


I arrived on a crisp and cloudy afternoon to the sound of hooves clopping and kids laughing. The party had been split into two groups to alternate between horse care education and riding. The riders were in the process of learning how to mount and steer, stop and go.


The riders were shown how to turn their horses in circles and became skilled enough to end the ride with a “drivers license test” administered on a small obstacle course.


Games on horseback included races and red light-green light. The kids loved this equestrian twist to old favorites.


The party also included games for learning about horse grooming tools, and chances to feed and groom the horses as well.


I think the favorite part of the festivities though had to be when the kids had an opportunity to paint a beautiful white horse. They were able to get good and messy by using their hands to create a living work of art.


The day wound down with cowgirl cake, adorable horse shoe charms in cowgirl hat ring holders, food and of course, cake!




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