Be Kind To Your Neighbor-You May End Up Married To Them

Robin contacted me in the middle of January with one of the cutest love stories that I’ve heard. She’d been married before and didn’t have her sights set on remarrying necessarily when she bought one of the waterfront homes near my studio. One day as she was out on her dock, she spotted a handsome man on his own boat. One glance lead to another and well, she wound up engaged to her neighbor!


Plans were underway for them to be married right on her private dock in the company of their close friends and family. I couldn’t wait to capture the culmination of such an adorable turn of events.


The ceremony took place on the deck and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a Saturday in January!



I took this new husband and wife around the edge of the waterfront and into a small cluster of trees for some formal images.


A few family members even joined us for a couple of quick shots before returning to the reception festivities to celebrate.


Toasts were made, drinks were had, and the cake was cut before these two hopped on their boat and made their way on to their honeymoon.



These two were so unabashedly in love and it was an inspiring thing to see marriage braved again, and to watch to people look at each other with total adoration. What a great love story!




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