Last Stop on Market Street: Bus Rides and Book Signings

Some of my daughter’s favorite books are illustrated by Christian Robinson so, when our local library started promoting a visit and book signing for “Last Stop on Market Street” (which has become a nightly read for us) I was super excited, and even more so when the library reached out to have me photograph all the fun!

Christian joined the gathered crowd for a reading of the book accompanied by a guitarist. He read through the story, which was accompanied by the live music to correspond with the musical portion of the story. It was pretty magical.

Afterwards, a few kids were chosen to call out their favorite animal for him to draw on-the-spot, followed by a book signing that included a small sketch on the title pages.

There were crafts for the kids and a raffle for prizes.

The grand finale included a bus ride around downtown, just like in the book! The guitarist lead sing-alongs and the kids just loved every minute of it. Watching my daughter see one of her favorite stories come to life was an amazing experience!

To view and download all the images taken at this event, visit the link below:

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