I love the way the transition between seasons marks the passage of time, reminds us that the year is progressing, and brings with it all the familiar changes I look forward to each year. With spring in full swing and Mother’s Day fast approaching, I decided to treat myself to a conceptual photo shoot embodying both spring and motherhood.


One of my very best friends also happens to be my hair and makeup artist. She’s used to my ever-evolving hair whims and so she wasn’t surprised when I came to her for “mermaid” hair having been inspired by the blooms around me. But, I told her that I had also been inspired to build on the new color and remake myself into Mother Nature as she’d look this time of year. She was on board for something new and creative so a few days later we made the trip to Hobby Lobby to stock up on supplies.


I’ve been in possession of body paint and and a thrift-store wedding gown for ages and so, out came the scissors, rhinestones, faux blooms and stencils and in a matter of hours I was transformed into a Goddess of spring.


I set up the lighting and props in my studio, adjusted my camera settings, and then handed it over and directed my shoot. Having just birthed my second daughter a few weeks ago and within a whirlwind of changes this past year and just on the horizon, I can’t tell you what an amazing experience this was to produce from start to finish a collection of images birthed right from my imagination, and executed just how I wanted them. I’m hoping more women will come to me looking for an experience like this; From start to finish I love the entire process.



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