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LOGO 2015


I grew up in Pittsburg California, the small town that is about a 45-minute drive outside of San Francicsco. The historic Downtown area is the place my studio now calls home. I’ve been shooting professionally since 2009. I’ve always loved photography, and I would shoot for myself and friends all the time. With the invention of social media, people I never even met began to see my work and, more and more frequently, I was asked to shoot portraits for hire. I love waking up every morning and doing what I do for a living. I love planning out shoot themes, creating one-of-a-kind props and treatments, designing fliers, shooting, editing, learning new techniques and meeting new people. At this point in my career I’ve shot over 40 weddings, probably thousands of portraits and I’m the official City Photographer in my hometown.

On a personal level, I’m a mom to two daughters. I love to read and also to pursue other artistic outlets. I am a decent painter and seamstress and I love making handmade costumes and gifts. I enjoy cooking, and fishing and I love to entertain when I can find the time. I was a Nanny for 9 years and so I love working with children and I think that shows through in my portraiture. My taste in food and art and music and leisure is so varied that to list them all would mean to create a paragraph of contradictions and juxtapositions! Suffice to say, I have diverse interests and abilities!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Dominick palumbo says:

    I play for the pittsburg diamonds and would love a copy of the team photo. How can I get one.


    Dominick #22


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